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Brain Trauma from an Auto Accident

Written By Skaggs Chiropractic on May 8, 2017

Brain Trauma from an Auto Accident

When a person has an auto accident injury in Joplin, it could mean a lot of different things. More and more people are seeking out chiropractic care after their accident, especially if they are experiencing neck or back pain from whiplash or a slipped disc. But not everyone thinks of seeing a chiropractor for treatment of brain trauma. At Skaggs Chiropractic LLC in Joplin, MO,  we work with a wide variety of auto accident injury types, including brain injuries.


Chiropractic Treatment for the Brain and Spine Connection

Many expect there to be a relationship between proper spinal alignment and the presence or absence of physical pain, but it is less likely for a person to understand how the spine affects mental function. The brain is given a lot of credit for helping us all function throughout the day, but it doesn't do its job alone. The brain and nervous system work together to communicate through the tissues of the body and through the spinal canal and spinal nerves.


Part of that communication process involves the pumping of Cerebro spinal fluid (CSF) through the brain with the help of the tail bone's natural pumping motion. Even simple movement, such as walking or breathing activates this. However, when there is a misalignment caused by an auto accident injury or other injuries, your brain function and blood flow may not work together correctly, and in these instances chiropractic treatments can often restore balance and improve some of the brain function that was hindered by the accident, while reducing other pain in the neck and back as well.

By getting spinal adjustments to the sacrum, cranium, and atlas after a brain injury such as a concussion, normal motion and position can be restored and blood and nerve supply to the brain can help the brain heal and fulfill its potential.


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