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Can Chiropractors Help with Headache Treatment?

Written By Skaggs Chiropractic on February 4, 2019

headache treatment

Headache treatments come in such a wide variety that it can be challenging to nail down what may work for everyone. 

Two Primary Causes of Headaches

Headaches are primarily caused by either neurological triggers or due to poor alignment and posture. Specifically, the stress of poor posture or being out of ideal alignment can cause tremendous amounts of pressure on the body, causing the pain that you feel. 

Common Headache Myths

These are statements that many individuals believe when it comes to their headaches, whether they are rare or chronic. Below, we’ve listed a handful of the common myths that surround this issue and headache treatments.

Stress Causes My Headaches

Not true! Headache pain is often the result of how your body is handling physical stress, not psychological stress. As we mentioned earlier, poor posture or skeletal alignment can cause stress on the body. That stress is physical stress, not a feeling of being stressed.

OTC Meds Treat the Problem

Over-the-counter medications can do wonders for helping in headache treatments, but they do not treat the problem at hand. They merely mask the symptoms. 

My Headache Will Go Away on Its Own

Again, this isn’t true. Sure, some common headaches come and go, but there is an underlying reason for that pain. Until that is diagnosed, the headache will most likely return.

How Can a Chiropractor Aid in Your Headache Treatment?

A licensed chiropractor can help individuals with their headache treatments in a variety of ways.

Spinal manipulations or other chiropractic adjustments will help improve the body’s function and alleviate the extra stress on the individual’s system. For example, those suffering from migraine headaches often find relief from an adjustment to the first three vertebras, often giving them instant relief.  

They will also provide other advice such as dietary changes, exercises, and even relaxation techniques that can help relieve recurring tension.

When to Seek Help

If headaches are becoming a frequent part of your day-to-day life, then it may be time to seek some additional help. Chiropractic care for headache treatment is an excellent alternative for those searching for a more holistic approach to relief. 

Dr. Skaggs will carefully review your case thoroughly, and if he believes he can provide an ideal headache treatment, he will have you begin a treatment schedule that fits your needs.

Call the Joplin, Missouri office at (417) 624-4242, and the office staff will set you an appointment.

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