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"Does Medicare Cover the Cost of Chiropractic Care"?

Written By Skaggs Chiropractic on January 24, 2022

Well, the answer is “yes” and “no”. Medicare is one of those subjects that can be very confusing for my office staff and my patients, so let’s discuss Medicare and make things as clear as mud.

Medicare will help cover the cost for chiropractic care that they consider to be active or to correct an acute or chronic subluxations (vertebra that are partially out of place in the spine).

Medicare defines chiropractic care as manual manipulation of the spine by a licensed chiropractor using his hands or a small device to apply a thrust to a dysfunctional joint. The thrust is a specific amount of force in a specific direction and moves that joint more than it could by itself. This process is the correction of a subluxation or partially dislocation of a vertebra or the vertebra are out of normal position or alignment.

Medicare demands that the treatment must be medically necessary. In other words it is of significant benefit for the patient.

Your medical records must demonstrate that you the patient are exhibiting improvement because of the treatment you are receiving.

Medicare doesn’t and will not pay for maintenance care.

Medicare will not cover the cost of an examination, although an examination is required by Medicare they will not cover the cost of the examination.

Medicare will not cover the cost of X-rays or any therapy. They will only assist you in the cost of the adjustment only!

If you were injured and another party is responsible for your injuries Medicare will not cover the cost of your care.

Part B is the medical insurance coverage of Medicare. Part B covers chiropractic care at 80% of the cost of the adjustment. The remaining 20% is the responsibility of the patient or a supplemental insurance coverage. There is currently an annual deductible of $233 per year before Part B will cover any portion of the chiropractic care.

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