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Low Level Laser Therapy for Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Written By Skaggs Chiropractic on January 7, 2022

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Skaggs Chiropractic LLC

Are you suffering from pain or discomfort related to diabetic peripheral neuropathy? Have you tried prescription medications and other treatments, but nothing seems to be working? You may be the perfect candidate for low level laser therapy. At Skaggs Chiropractic LLC in Joplin, MO, our low level laser therapy treatments can help alleviate your pain and improve your quality of life. 

What is diabetic peripheral neuropathy?

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy refers to the nerve damage that can result from diabetes and high blood sugar. This condition is one of the most common complications of diabetes - more than 60% of patients diagnosed with diabetes will develop peripheral neuropathy in some capacity. It  can cause symptoms like numbness, lack of sensation, and pain in the affected areas. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy can also lead to muscle weakness, poor balance, and a decreased quality of life. Nerve damage can cause a drop in microcirculation, which leads to the loss of sensation. The condition can set in slowly over time, so be sure to check in with your doctor if you experience any symptoms of nerve damage.  

What is low level laser therapy?

Low level laser therapy is a completely noninvasive, FDA-approved process that can be used to treat painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The procedure involves the application of light wavelengths to stimulate cellular growth. When the laser instrument is directed near the skin, the light photons are absorbed into the surrounding cells. This process revitalizes damaged cells, promoting a reduction of inflammation and improved cellular growth.

How can low level laser therapy help relieve my pain?

Low level laser therapy has been proven to reduce inflammation and promote cellular healing, which can effectively reduce pain caused by diabetic peripheral neuropathy. In fact, research shows that low level laser therapy can have a major impact on pain associated with the condition. This is also due to the fact that low level laser therapy improves microcirculation, increasing blood flow to the affected areas of the body and allowing you to regain sensation in numb areas. 

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