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Why Symptoms From An Auto Accident Do Not Show Immediately

Written By Skaggs Chiropractic on September 4, 2017

Understanding Hidden Car Accident Injury Symptoms in Joplin


Car accidents are notorious for creating hidden injuries, especially if you experience a low-speed fender bender or are rear-ended. Once the accident is over and you are out of your car talking to the other driver, you may feel fine, and you may not notice any cuts, bruises or pain. In fact, you may not feel anything until a few days later. Our Joplin chiropractor at Skaggs Chiropractic LLC recommends that you schedule an appointment within 72-hours of your accident so that you can be evaluated for any unknown injuries.

Common Invisible Car Accident Injuries in Joplin, MO

Certain types of car accident injuries are not apparent right away. In fact, you may feel fine for up to three days after your accident. This is because your body releases adrenaline as well as endorphins that can mask pain. Once these hormones wear off, you will start to feel your hidden injuries.

  • Herniated Disc
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Whiplash

Symptoms of a Car Accident Injury

Car accident injury symptoms can start anywhere from a few hours to a few days after the accident. In the beginning, you may notice stiffness and soreness. This is usually followed by obvious pain. If one of your injuries is whiplash, you may experience headaches, dizziness and blurry vision. Without treatment, your symptoms could continue to get worse instead of better.

Getting Prompt Treatment at Skaggs Chiropractic LLC

Our Joplin chiropractor recommends getting evaluated within one to two days after your car accident. At this stage, you may be feeling mild symptoms, but they have not fully developed. Getting an examination of your back, neck and extremity joints can help determine if you have any injuries so that you can be treated as soon as possible. This may prevent your symptoms from getting worse, and it will help you recover faster after your auto accident.

To schedule an to treat an auto injury, call your Joplin chiropractor at 417-624-4242.

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