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Arm and Shoulder Pain FAQs

Our Joplin Chiropractor Answers Questions about Arm Pain and Shoulder Pain

Our Joplin chiropractor frequently answers questions about arm pain and shoulder pain. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

arm pain

I know a chiropractor in Joplin can ease back pain but does chiropractic care ease shoulder pain and arm pain?

Yes, our chiropractor in Joplin can help alleviate arm pain and shoulder pain, as well as relieve any back pain you may be having.

What is the basic anatomy of the shoulder?

There are three main bones in your shoulder joint, the acromioclavicular joint (where the clavicle articulates with the acromion of the scapula), glenohumeral joint and scapula. The shoulder joint has a glenohumeral joint which is essentially a ball-and-socket joint, in order to produce different ranges of motion. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments hold these bones in place.

What is a rotator cuff?

A rotator cuff is a group of tendons and muscles that connect your upper arm to your shoulder blade. Tendons connect muscle to bone. The muscles of your rotator cuff allow your shoulder to rotate. Your rotator cuff provides stability to your shoulder.

What are some common causes of shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain may be the result of overuse, a tear or strain of the rotator cuff, or chronic tendinitis.

What are some common causes of arm pain?

Arm pain, which affects the shoulder, upper arm, forearm or wrist, is often the result of injury or overuse.

How can I prevent arm and shoulder pain?

Avoid sleeping on a stack of pillows. Do not watch TV while lying down. Avoid carrying heavy purses or bags with a shoulder strap. Use good posture when sitting, standing, and walking.

What can I do to temporarily ease arm and shoulder pain?

Apply ice packs to the area to reduce inflammation and ease the pain. Apply the ice pack for 20 to 30 minutes, then rest the area for 30 minutes. If pain persists, you may try heat for 20 minutes with a 30-minute interval between applications.

What are some treatments for pain in my arm or shoulder?

Treatment depends on the underlying cause and severity of your symptoms. Gentle therapeutic exercise can alleviate pain in your arm and shoulder. Ultrasound with low volt therapy can treat lingering neck and back pain that radiates into your arm and shoulder. Low-level laser therapy, a treatment that harnesses the therapeutic healing powers of light, can also help by reducing tissue inflammation and promoting healing.

Is surgery necessary?

Surgery may be necessary in some cases when injury or illness causes significant damage to the structures of your arm or shoulder. Chiropractic care can help you optimize healing and hasten the recovery process.

Can a chiropractic adjustment help?

A chiropractic adjustment can ease many types of arm and shoulder pain. Treatment always begins with a comprehensive examination and evaluation of your arm and shoulder. Our chiropractor may recommend x-rays to look for underlying problems and distortions of your spine.

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