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First Visit


Because we care enough to know. We need information about you and your health, past and current. Some questions will be in depth, others may not. Some are required by HIPAA and some by the State of Missouri. They help us to understand you and your condition.


Let’s visit. That is called a consultation; this is where the Dr. Skaggs sits down with you and listens. This is where we find out if chiropractic and our office are a good fit for you and your condition.


The biggest portion of the doctor’s diagnosis comes from the history your give. Questions to objectify and clarify your condition. We want to know about such things as past car wrecks, falls and accidents. It is the little things you may have forgotten about that are causing your problems, let’s talk about it.


This is a hands-on orthopedic and physical examination. Specific test will be performed to isolate the problem area and identify the problem you are having. These test help Dr. Skaggs pinpoint your condition; determine your treatment and the length of your care.


Dr. Skaggs doesn’t X-ray every case, but when your condition warrants, rest assured X-rays will be done with the highest level of expertise. Dr. Skaggs has gone to great lengths to furnish the latest in digital X-ray equipment which allows us to obtain the best X-rays at the lowest dose possible.

Treatment me today?

Most of the chiropractors in the Four State Region will not treat you on the first visit. But isn’t that why you went there is to be treated? If you are in an office where they don’t treat you the first day, you should question yourself, “Why?


Dr. Skaggs wants you to know, it is your body, and you have the right to know what is wrong! We will take the time to explain to you what has happened, what we are doing and how to prevent it from happening again.


Sometimes all it takes is one visit, but the vast majority of time it takes several visits. Trauma type injuries take longer to heal. We will work with you to schedule you back to complete your care. We promise not to put you on a punishing schedule, and we are not here to deplete your insurance or your wallet.


Hey, we understand accidents don’t just happen between 8am and 5pm Monday thru Friday. If this is an emergency call the office, instructions are on the answering machine.