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Migraine Treatment In Joplin

Are you suffering from migraines once, twice or more a week? If you experience 8 migraines or more a week, this is considered chronic migraine according to experts. Of the 3.2 million Americans who regularly experience migraine headaches, only 36 % have been properly diagnosed and are undergoing appropriate treatment. Migraines often take a toll on a person's lifestyle, they can leave you in pain, feeling fatigued and missing time from work, school and life overall.

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Our caring chiropractor, Dr. Skaggs wants to help end your pain with migraine treatment here in the greater Joplin area so you are free from pain and able to enjoy the things you love doing most. Along with regular chiropractic adjustments, we offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy for migraines.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Migraine Treatment Works

When a migraine occurs, less oxygen is reaching target tissues that thrive from oxygenation. This lack of oxygen can often result in signs and symptoms of migraines such as pain, overall body fatigue, visual disturbances, sore and tight occipital muscles and neck pain, nausea and vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound. When occipital nerves surrounding the spinal column become inflamed and also experience a lack of oxygen, migraines can increase in severity over time. We often see patients who are experiencing both migraines and subluxations of cervical vertebrae simultaneously.

Because you are in a total body chamber, oxygen will be able to reach blood vessels, red blood cells, bones and other tissue in a therapeutic way. Hyperbaric oxygen constricts blood vessels while delivering oxygen and has been shown to optimize levels of serotonin and substance P, two neurochemicals that can increase migraines. While everyone will experience personal results, relief of migraine symptoms may occur as soon as 10 minutes following your session. Testimonials show that with increased hyperbaric oxygen treatment, the frequency and duration of migraines reduce overall.

Are You A Hyperbaric Oxygen Migraine Treatment Candidate?

Our chiropractor, Dr. Skaggs will see you for your visit to evaluate if you are a candidate for hyperbaric oxygen treatment to help reduce your experience of migraine headaches. Wondering what a hyperbaric oxygen migraine treatment session will be like? During a typical hyperbaric oxygen session, you will comfortably relax in a total body chamber exposed to 97 percent oxygen at a controlled pressure. Your number of sessions will be determined by our chiropractor, but based on research and clinical experience, 20-40 sessions are generally expected to experience a lasting reduction in migraines. Some people will come every day and some several times a week depending on how symptoms are changing and the level of personal relief being experienced.

Please Call Us Today to Schedule an Appointment to Put A Stop to Your Migraines!

Ready to put a stop to migraines and get on with your life? Dr. Skaggs and his staff look forward to seeing you at an appointment soon. Please call us at 417-624-4242 to schedule now. Ask us about how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help reduce your migraine episodes.