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Laser Therapy in Joplin, MO

Low-Level Laser Therapy at Skaggs Chiropractic, LLC located in Joplin, MO

laser therapy

Light has always been linked to healing and growth. After all, our greatest source of light – the Sun – is also our planet's greatest source of energy and life. And now, thanks to innovative equipment that can harness certain types of light, we can actually tap into the healing power of light to provide pain relief for our patients.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), also known as cold laser therapy, is a chiropractic technique that allows us to accelerate the healing process and relieve pain and inflammation. Our chiropractor, Dr. Steven Skaggs, uses low-level laser therapy in Joplin, MO, for the following applications:

Acute Inflammation Reduction

Sudden injuries disrupt important connections in your body, causing inflammation and pain that inhibits mobility and slows down the healing process. Inflamed tissue regenerates more slowly, but LLLT is an effective way to reduce inflammation for healing purposes. One reason? It actually decreases the production of Bradykinin, an inflammatory peptide that dilates blood vessels.

Pain Reduction

Pain is a nervous system response to injury and inflammation. Researchers back the use of LLLT to reduce pain because it blocks certain pain receptors while decreasing inflammation and encouraging beneficial stimulation in the nerves and tissue.

Tissue Healing

As LLLT relieves pain and inflammation, it also stimulates regrowth and boosts the body's immune system, allowing injuries to heal more quickly. Wounds and degeneration alike can be treated with LLLT because it actually encourages the body to perform its own healing processes. LLLT is useful for a wide variety of conditions and injuries, including common sources of neck and back pain.

Conditions Treated with Low-Level Lasers

Low-level laser treatment (LLLT) is a non-invasive, versatile way to relieve pain and stimulate cell regrowth. At Skaggs Chiropractic, low-level laser therapy is an effective treatment option for the following conditions and injuries:

  • Arthritis – Because LLLT stimulates healthy cellular activity, patients with arthritis may enjoy pain relief and increased function in their joints as cells regenerate more quickly and fibrous tissue forms more slowly
  • Tendonitis – Your tendons connect your bones and muscles, and repetitive or sudden injuries cause this painful inflammatory condition. We help restore function, relieve pain, and heal your connective tissue with low-level laser therapy
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Repetitive wrist movements and lack of support cause this common nerve compression syndrome, and most cases are moderate enough to respond to non-invasive LLLT
  • Back Pain – Recurring back pain has many causes, but LLLT is an effective pain relief strategy for many of them, including herniated discs, inflammation, degenerative conditions, and repetitive injury
  • Neck Pain – Research backs the use of cold laser therapy for neck pain, including chronic neck pain that limits mobility
  • Knee Pain – Low-level laser therapy may relieve pain in the knee joints due to inflammation, sprains, nerve compression, and other sources of soft tissue damage or injury
  • Fibromyalgia – This chronic, rheumatic disease gradually causes widespread pain, but LLLT helps with pain relief, inflammation reduction, and cell regeneration to greatly improve quality of life

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Your quality of life is important to us at Skaggs Chiropractic. If you suffer from chronic pain and mobility loss in Missouri, schedule an appointment with our Joplin chiropractor, Dr. Steven Skaggs, to get started on your custom treatment plan. And if you live near the state line in Kansas or Oklahoma, we have all-natural pain relief options for you too.

Our Four States chiropractic team serves patients throughout southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas, and northeast Oklahoma, including the cities of Neosho, Carthage, Sarcoxie, Diamond, Duenweg, Webb City, Carl Junction, Oronogo, Loma Linda, Seneca, Goodman, and Granby, MO; Pittsburg, Galena, Baxter Springs, Riverton, Columbus, KS; and Quapaw, OK.

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Disclaimer: No individual, including those currently under our active care, should use the information and/or resources contained here within to self diagnose or self treat any health related condition(s). Diagnosis and treatment of all health conditions should only be performed by your doctor of chiropractic or other licensed health care professional.