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Auto Accident

I've been in a wreck. What do I do?

Someone is involved in an automobile accident every 5 seconds in this country. Boom. Crash! You have just been rear-ended. Except for that sudden headache and being a little shaken, you appear to be all right, right? The following morning you awaken and you cannot move your head and the neck pain is so intense you can't make it into work. The headache is even worse than the day before. With each passing day, your symptoms worsen and there is no relief in sight. Boom. Crash! You have a whiplash!

Any automobile accident, major or minor can have great influences on the integrity of the structure and stability of the spinal column. The first order of business after an accident is to control any life-threatening situations such as hemorrhages, breathing difficulties, and broken bones, etc. These and other medical emergencies are the specialties of emergency medicine. Allow emergency technicians to do their job at the scene of an accident. Never deny emergency care, if they feel you should be transported to the emergency room, by all means, "Let them!"

Ok, now you have been seen at the local emergency room. You have made it home with your prescriptions, now comes a phone call from an obnoxious insurance adjuster from the insurance company of the guy that hit you. He intimidates you into making a taped statement about the accident. He treats you like you're his best friend, that is until you ask about repairs to your car, a rental car, when will he pay for your medical bills and pay you for the time you have lost time at work, then he makes this paltry offer to pay your current medical bills and maybe some chump change for your suffering, if you will just settle with him today. All you have to do is sign a release, releasing his company from any further responsibility.

If you have not already discovered, most emergency rooms don't give soft tissue injuries much attention. Victims are often treated with disrespect, given one or two prescriptions, and sent along their merry way. If you don't have any fractures and you don't need surgery, you're OK! Right! Nothing can be further from the truth. The violent actions of the head whipping back and forth rips and tears the soft tissue structures of the neck and spine.

Don't be bullied by insurance adjusters.

We are teaching our kids not to be bullied in school, yet every day we adults allow it to happen to ourselves. You can say, "NO!" Understand insurance companies make money by either not paying claims or settling claims with you quickly, which can save the insurance companies thousands of dollars over time. Make sure you know what your rights are under your state's law. It is also best to have a reputable attorney on your side, preferably one who specializes in personal injuries.

I was once told by an attorney while preparing for trial, that if it feels like the opposing attorney is acting like my best friend that I needed to wake up because the opposing council was leading me down the rosy path for a slaughter. If you have an adjuster that is acting like they are your best friend (BFF), you need to wake up, it is a ploy to get more information out of you. DON'T TALK TO ANY INSURANCE ADJUSTERS, INCLUDING YOUR OWN! Hire a reputable attorney!

By looking at this website you have taken the first step toward becoming one of the millions of Americans that have found relief through chiropractic care, the natural and effective way to treat the body and protect it from future degenerative problems associated with automobile accidents.

At Skaggs Chiropractic, LLC, "You and Your Recovery are Priority One!"