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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment in Joplin, MO

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is becoming more prevalent today due to the repetitive microtrauma of the underside of the wrist and next to the low back is the most costly injury in worker's comp. Micro-trauma can result from the improper positioning of the wrist while typing or data-processing for prolonged periods of time. Another example would be repetitive lifting or movements of the wrist bent during assembly line operations. Work or sports activities that require the wrist to bending forward (flexion) or bend backward (extension) can cause compression inside the wrist space to increase as much as five to tenfold, with the end result of compression and inflammation of the median nerve.

Anatomically the carpal tunnel is made up of eight bones in the wrist, forming an archway or a roof type structure. The floor of the tunnel is made up by a wide ligamentous band. This is similar to an Archer's bow with a taut string. Tendons, blood vessels, and the median nerve pass through the tunnel which supplies the first three fingers with nerve supply for function and feeling. If one or more of these bones, forming this tunnel, should collapse (subluxate) it applies pressure on the median nerve causing painful symptoms in the wrist area. The patient may have intense pain on the palm side of the forearm at night, which may awaken them from a deep sleep.

But the problem may not be at the wrist. The median nerve connects to the spinal cord, it exits the spinal column in the cervical region through openings between several bones (vertebrae) in the lower neck, then passes through the shoulder region down the arm through the carpal tunnel, then into the hand into the first three fingers. Sometimes, if there is a misalignment in the neck and also in the wrist, this will compound the problem and is known as Double Crush Syndrome. This is when patient's have repeated Carpal Tunnel surgeries that fail. The surgeries will continue to fail as long as the vertebral subluxations in the neck are neglected.

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