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Top 10 Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

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If you have been injured in an auto accident, our skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor can help to relieve your pain and encourage your body to heal naturally, without the use of prescription medications.

Top 10 Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

1. Stay at the Scene of the Accident

While you may be panicked or in shock, remaining on the scene until you have time to speak with the correct authorities is vital. Not only will this help in the future as you look to make insurance claims but you may have injuries that require you to stay put until help arrives.

2. Check for Injuries

You should immediately assess if you have any injuries that need immediate attention and try not to move if you feel any searing pain in your neck, back or extremities. Next, check everyone else in your vehicle for injuries and work to control and bleeding.

3. Call the Police

After you have checked everyone over for any life-threatening injuries, you should call the police. If you are able to get out of the vehicle, you can do so at this time. Make sure to file a police report.

4. Exchange Relevant Information

Exchange insurance information and contact information with the other parties involved in the crash.

5. Gather Witnesses

If there were any witnesses to the accident, speak with them to gather contact information and take a brief statement if possible.

6. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Make a call to your auto insurance company to let them know you have been involved in a car accident. Confirm the next steps for towing and an assessment from their team.

7. Document the Scene

If you have a smartphone or digital camera available, do everything you can to properly document the scene of the accident. These photos and other bits of information can be very helpful later on.

8. Contact Skaggs Chiropractic

Auto accident victims should never refuse medical attention. It can take a few hours, days or even weeks for symptoms to show, so be sure to give our experienced chiropractor a call as soon as possible to begin treatment.

9. Track Your Injuries

Keep a close record of your injuries and treatment so that they can be used to support your insurance claim.

10. Consult with an Auto Accident Attorney

You may be entitled to a settlement following the accident, so be sure to speak with an experienced car accident attorney to assess your case.

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