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Back Pain Treatment in Joplin, MO

When you visit our chiropractor at Skaggs Chiropractic for discomfort in your back and spine, you may have concerns about the possibility of long-term complications. An injury may contribute to the discomfort, but it may not always be the only factor involved in the treatment process. Nearly 80 percent of Americans experience disabling pain in the back at least once in their lifetime and millions face discomfort each day. Since the cause of the pain stems from the musculoskeletal system in your body, you need to treat the source of your pain rather than focusing on the symptom.

man suffering from back pain in Joplin, MO

Injuries Causing Back Pain in Joplin, MO

Injuries to your back and body cause pain in Joplin. The underlying cause of your discomfort may stem from a specific accident, an injury to the muscles, an injury to the spinal column or even a physical ailment.

Common causes of the discomfort in your lower back include:

  • A herniated disc after an accident
  • Poor posture, particularly when it puts excessive pressure on your spine and nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Compression, or pressure, on your nerves
  • Muscle injuries, such as injuries when lifting with poor posture or due to pulling a muscle during an accident
  • Misuse of the muscles in your back
  • Certain musculoskeletal disorders
  • Neglecting your body and spine by not moving around, standing or engaging in enough exercise

The underlying cause of your discomfort ultimately depends on the situation. It may stem from a specific accident or it may relate to a lack of physical exercise that neglects the muscles. It may also develop when a physical ailment, or a disorder, weaken or harms your spine and muscles.

The medical reasons for your discomfort vary significantly. It may relate to arthritis in specific joints, inflammation along your spine or even narrowing of the spinal column. Ultimately, the cause impacts the treatments we recommend because we focus on treating the reasons for your discomfort to address the symptoms.

Our Joplin Chiropractor Relieves Back Pain for the Surrounding Communities in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma

Chiropractic care at our clinic provides a solution to relieve back pain without using harsh medications. When you seek chiropractic care, a professional evaluates your situation by using appropriate diagnostic tools. We may ask you to walk or move around to observe the situation. We also use tools like an x-ray to ensure that we have enough information to identify the reasons for your discomfort.

Based on a careful evaluation, our chiropractor develops a treatment plan using spinal manipulation and adjustments. We may use decompression therapy to reduce pressure on your nerves and spine. Our team may use different strategies and tools, like activator methods that use specialized tools to reduce pressure in your back or interferential therapy, which uses a small current of electricity to help with nerve pain.

Our chiropractor uses the active release technique to treat soft-tissue injuries resulting in back pain. Alternatively, we may use the Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT), which corrects several areas of the body as a pattern or group rather than a single part of the body. We use low laser, or cold laser, therapy to help with nerve pain using infrared lasers. We also use ultrasound with low volt therapy for a similar impact on your nerves and to encourage natural healing.

We may recommend appropriate stretches, exercises and nutritional recommendations to help your body heal and recover without ignoring the importance of regular movement on the health of your body. We use a holistic strategy to ensure that your body has the tools to heal and recover.

Why Chiropractic Care from Our Joplin Chiropractor Helps with Pain Relief

The reason chiropractic treatments help with pain relief is simple: it corrects the underlying cause of your pain. Our chiropractor, Dr. Steven Skaggs, focuses on the reasons for your pain. We determine if you have a slipped disc, pressure on your nerves or injuries to your spine that cause your pain. When we understand the reason for the discomfort, we develop a plan to address the cause over a set period of time. It allows you to start moving forward while you heal from the injuries.

Your back plays an essential role in your lifestyle and activities. When you experience discomfort, you want to address the situation early. To learn more about our treatment process or for an appointment with a chiropractor, call 417-624-4242 today. We serve the surrounding communities of Neosho, Carthage, Sarcoxie, Diamond, Duenweg, Webb City, Carl Junction, Oronogo, Loma Linda, Seneca, Goodman, Granby, Pittsburg, Galena, Baxter Springs, Riverton, Columbus, Quapaw, and more.

If you are interested in learning more about all of our innovative services, contact us at 417-624-4242.

Disclaimer: No individual, including those currently under our active care, should use the information and/or resources contained here within to self diagnose or self treat any health related condition(s). Diagnosis and treatment of all health conditions should only be performed by your doctor of chiropractic or other licensed health care professional.