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Sciatica Treatment in Joplin, MO

Treating Sciatica with Help from a Chiropractor

Skaggs Chiropractic, LLC, Joplin, MO,  identifies the root of sciatica pain & provide treatments based on your situation & needs, & lower back pain relief

Developing lower back pain or discomfort in your back raises concerns about your lifestyle and activities. The pain complicates your ability to enjoy your work or favorite activities around your home. In some situations, the pain may stem from pressure on the sciatic nerve in the lower back. At Skaggs Chiropractic, LLC, we identify the health concerns and provide appropriate treatment based on your situation and needs.

Signs of Sciatica

A chiropractor in Joplin MO provides treatments for sciatica based on the situation and the severity of your pain. Generally, the discomfort starts with a mild sensation of tingling or numbness and you may overlook the initial symptoms under the assumption that it stems from cutting off your circulation.

Common symptoms of sciatica include:
  • Pain radiating down the legs from the lower back
  • Tingling sensations in the lower back and upper legs
  • Radiating numbness
  • Worsening symptoms when changing your position, such as standing up from a seated position

In most cases, the discomfort stems from a pinched nerve in the lower back. When pressure builds on the sciatic nerve, it causes a feeling of discomfort or pain along the lower back and down the legs. Addressing the pinched nerve does not usually require extreme measures and most individuals heal with natural solutions.

Treatment Solutions

Early treatment of sciatic nerve pain depends on the severity of the pain and the underlying cause of the discomfort. A chiropractor in our clinic may recommend decompression therapy to reduce the pressure on the nerve or chiropractic adjustments to improve the alignment of the spine and reduce the pressure on the nerve.

In certain situations, we may recommend stretches or exercises to further reduce the discomfort associated with the pinched nerve. Improving your flexibility and mobility with stretches and exercises may help strengthen the muscles and improve the core area. Strengthening the core muscles helps support the back and improves your ability to maintain good posture. Specific treatment strategies ultimately depend on your needs, so we generate a plan of action for each individual.

When to Talk to a Chiropractor

Talking to a chiropractor at Skaggs Chiropractic, LLC depends on your preferences and goals. Generally, we recommend treating the concern at an early stage so you may want to consider treatment when you notice a persistent tingling sensation radiating down your legs and lower back, particularly if it persists after moving around.

If you get into an auto accident and notice a radiating pain down your legs, then treating the concern with chiropractic care may provide a solution to help with your goals. We also recommend visiting our clinic if you have any signs of sciatica.

Maintaining good health and an active lifestyle requires measures for complications or concerns that may arise. At our clinic, we address sciatic nerve pain and help you heal from the pinched nerve. To learn more about our treatment process or to set up an appointment with a chiropractor, contact us today.

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